1:33 PM, Thursday, November 8th, 2018:
See THIS is the type of podcast I like doing. I mean they're all fun, but this is such a cool story that really is intriguing to outsiders who know absolutely nothing. I shall say no more, enjoy:
All's well that ends well as they say.
So only one more podcast left next month and I think we'll wait until we're certain we've seen the Mueller bomb has dropped. I mean now that the mid-terms are over that's gotta be coming before Christmas. Oh and should I talk about the mid-terms?
Ugh... I said pretty much everything in the ONE sentence I spoke about it in the podcast... it's absolute insanity that this was like every other "first mid-term" after a new presidency. It means we don't have a functioning press and the people that SHOULD know what's happening, don't. After 18 months of this administration and congress it should've been a 20 point turnaround everywhere. I don't want to hear the Senate wasn't in play because of geography, etc. What the fuck does an administration have to do to lose support?!?!
But yes, as I said in the last podcast - with the House going to the Dems we will get to read the Mueller report. It's fucking insane to me the GOP gained seats in the Senate which means an actual removal after impeachment would require TWENTY GOP flips. Not happening. The most obvious removal from office since the CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN won't happen. <throws hands up>
But we get to read the report. Yipee. So annoyed right now.
Anyway, good podcast, cool stories and a big thank you to Joe for coming on with us. He did NOT have to do that and it was quite cool that he did.