8:31 AM, Wednesday, October 31st, 2018:
Gonna try and knock this out early as I have TWO Halloween gigs today and a thousand things to do. But I've spent the last week on a pretty cool 3-day shoot with YouTuber Jesse and Steve-O of all people. He brought the dog he rescued from Peru and I just needed to highlight her part in all of this. There's a couple making of videos online, but they don't show much of the pup. Adam to the rescue!
Someday I'm gonna look back on these recent entries and just shake my head. I think that's what I love so much about The Journey, everything you can't really appreciate in the moment is here. I do my best, but sometimes it's all such a whirlwind. It isn't until I have some downtime when I can look back and click around and just shake my head. It's an overwhelming life and I know I could make this way more public and monetize it... but there's something about the semi-anonymity that I do enjoy. I'm so scared that if there were ever a ton of people watching I'd change things a bit. For 20 years now, this site has been painfully honest and real because I never, ever, ever think about views: I think about what means something to me. Period. "What changes my character". That's pretty much all I chronicle.
Anyway, what a freaking month. Busiest month for the business since October 2015. Just crazy. Thankfully it slows down a bit in November and December. I need to RELAX!!