9:21 AM, Thursday, October 29th, 2018:
Well, I'm not sure how this video will turn out since it clearly won't be done until probably Thanksgiving, but I do know it will house some epic moments. One of which I will have to wax poetic about for several paragraphs. To those reading this, you get to see it all right away:
So, yes as much as I adore Michael O'Keefe and how gracious he was with his time, the putt my daughter pulled off on Hole 6 is still blowing my mind. I've watched it 20 times. I've searched through so many videos of so many years and so many tournaments... it's the longest birdie putt on 6 we've ever had.
Think about that for a second. My newly turned 6 year-old daughter just hit the longest birdie putt on 6 on record. I can't believe it. Now, as a golfer, I do understand it's luck. The irony of golf is the sophomore slump will KILL YA. You get WORSE before you get better because your head gets in the way. Once you actually THINK about that putt? You will miss it. She just hit it perfectly because she barely thought about it...
...ORRRRRRRRRRRRRR she's an amazing prodigy and will be in the LPGA soon. LMAO. Who knows. But I'll say this, she is proud of that shot. As I've mentioned in other entries, her shyness and anxiety is legendary - but there's a part of me that believes that THIS GAME holds several keys to overcoming that. There's a zen to golf that is unlike most sports: it's you and the ball. Period. Nothing else matters, the other player doesn't matter, it's your fundamentals and your concentration and as long as you can find that center? You can play.
Cameron is WAY more competitive and truth be told? Far better at the mechanics. Just watch how he lines up a shot. But he's also extremely aggressive, impatient and succombs to emotion. Vienna might actually have an edge here. Time will tell, but they both actually care about doing well so that's exciting for the future. Now, they scored (+14) and (+11) so they're nowhere near actually competing but if they decide to practice and really try? They can get better and better.
Now, Mr. O'Keefe. Whew. Man I cannot say enough about how much I like this dude. After the interview I drove him downtown and we talked about life/politics, etc. He has an incredible energy about him and I could talk to him for hours. I'm more than bummed he lives on the other side of the country because I have a feeling after comparing a few life journeys we'd appreciate each other's company about far more than minigolf.
I'm not 100% sure I'm completely ready to jump back into all those GolfKon videos in 2019 however. They take so much work and no one wants to watch minigolf. I mean... they just don't. It makes no difference how well it's put together. But I will most certainly try and find ways to raise money next year and it's 100% because Michael is just a great guy and I feel like I have a unique opportunity to help.
That's really what it's all about in the end...