9:03 AM, Friday, October 24th, 2018:
Might be my favorite episode...
I just adore capturing HONESTY. Ya know? Well, yes, you know Entry #1880 of doing that...
...but this just feels like us. I mean, I really hadn't had a drink in two weeks, working out - doing great and dude my kids just... and honestly, that wasn't the biggest reason. Don telling me he had decided to stop drinking during the week made me devious. I was like - TALYA! I must go buy some whiskey right now. LMAO. Don is so full of shit. Love it.
But this is what I'll miss about doing these videos (because I'm honest to fuck not doing this in 2019): being forced to sit and talk with a friend for 40 minutes. Ya know what I mean? That's what you don't normally do.

But Don's phone proves he can barely do it as well so here we are. FUCKING BABY BOOMERS AND THEIR TECHNOLOGY I SWEAR TO GOD.
Anyway, great episode. Good times. Almost Halloween.