8:32 AM, Wednesday, October 17th, 2018:
So here's a crazy stat: of the top 6 months for RentTheDelorean.com - 2 are from 2015 and 4 are from 2018.
A few entries back I mentioned the whole feast or famine thing as September looked dead (and that was very true) but it was barely a ripple in a year that (other than October 2015) is better than 2015. I can't really believe it. This month is so busy. And I'm so exhausted. And a few days ago I watched Chewbacca try to get into my Delorean and it was funny as hell. So I made a promo video for the site which I haven't done in years.
Can't get over how killer that Chebacca suit is! Had no idea you could get one so accurate. Cosplayers for the win.
But yeah, busy busy busy. Stunned. Ready for the slow down December/January. Can't believe we're starting the whole Starbucksiversary/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas Tree/Xichigan Game festivities already.
Time keeps on slippin...