8:14 AM, Sunday, October 14th, 2018:
A week ago the kids rode bikes around Balboa Lake. It's hard to pinpoint why writing that sentence hits me so hard since there are so many milestones in their lives... and? Because they've been riding those bikes for awhile. But this was the first time we went out somewhere as a family and attempted it. The real story is Vienna cried because it was too long and I was certain Cam was gonna get wrecked because he kept going over the yellow line, but... the kids rode bikes. We're here now... in that space as a family. Where the kids go out and ride bikes. No turning back from that.
It's funny, I originally wrote that song for the entry when Talya's grandmother died and the kids and I were off to the side playing. The beauty in it being an ordinary day for them when it was so intense for everyone else. All sorts of life lessons there... but it fits here too, except now an ordinary day is having two kids. Not babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers... all of those monikers have faded away and they're just kids playing. I figure 5 years in that pocket until Vienna decides to tell us that shit is OVA. But ya never know. Hell, her fights with Talya are already pretty epic. I'm kinda curious as to how she's gonna get worse. LMAO.
Like, "Oh, there's worse than 'LEAVE ME ALONE' and slamming your door when you were TWO? Fascinating."
The good thing is I can step-in and make her laugh most times. Oh well, I'm a crazy person who is actually looking forward to all the chapter changes ahead. I think that also means I've seen enough of every month of their lives to say "yup, let's seen next month now."
But yeah, we're a different family now. And walking behind these two with Talya we both just kinda felt it. They are RACING away from us and we're struggling to keep up. So I'll just keep documenting it for the empty nest parties that will be taking place in a decade. The Journey works wonders for that.