9:45 PM, Thursday, October 4th, 2018:
I love this video.
It's funny, I keep searching for a narrative pull for the sequel. I believe what made Fastest Delorean work so well is that in the back of your head you're always waiting to see if we get the record. Documentaries that are just a string of stories with no PULL are generally weak. I'm realizing now that simply tying up loose ends may be enough with the actual pull being me seeing Kenny again nearly 2 years later this December/January back in Ohio. I hate to leave it all to that because I'm afraid his explanations aren't going to sit well with everyone but it just might be glues people to the movie. Time will tell.
...but 10/2 was awesome. That video is exactly the way it feels in my head (although I left a ton out) and a nice "journey" angle of what will be part of Fastest Delorean Part Two. There's so many stories from this year... whew. It's been an incredible year.
And yes, as I showed at the end of the video, it has certainly "caught up" with me. I am officially done now and putting it in CEMENT here in the Journey will make that so. As incredible as this year has been it has been frighteningly difficult and stressful. That fire. Jesus what that fire did to me. I'm in a better place now. Things seem to have some order to them and (gasp) I'm even enjoying gigs again. Ray and I weren't able to solve the biggest issue with the electrical system but were able to clean-up a few things and I generally feel safe again. In a couple months I'll finally look like me again. It's been awhile. ;-)
Thanks for a great time "Race Day Crew"! Until we meet again.