11:06 PM, Sunday, September 30th, 2018:
Jesus I'm tired. Dropped my dad off and picked up Ray at the exact same time at LAX. More on that in the next entry, but right now!?!?

FLASH, FRANCE & THE FUNDAMENTALS! Enjoy. Really nice conversation we had on Wednesday...
So my wife and I were able to spend a good long time with Gerome and his girlfriend Michelle. Going out, nights just playing video games... it was awesome. And besides the Delorean connection and our events together I finally nailed down why I click with him: we're both dreamers. We both attempt really crazy shit without much of a parachute. We think we can. We try. Sometimes we fail, but more often than not we achieve some really awesome shit.
I'll also add this little tidbit - Gerome never watched Fastest Delorean before the screening in France. He wanted to save it. It connected with him on a bunch of levels and I think he finally "got" me at that point. We're both "Doc" type characters imagining crazy shit and trying to pull it off. He's doing the same thing for 2019 while I'm trying to put together the best story possible for Fastest Delorean Part 2. It's what I touched on in the interview: after I got off the phone with him and called Don? I wanted to see this dude succeed. He was way over his head and then kept climbing and put on an AMAZING three days for the people involved. He will do it again next year and it will be even better.
I appreciate that and love having that type of energy around me while I'm creating my own future. It makes me feel a little less crazy.
Thanks again man, see you soon.