11:06 AM, Friday, September 28th, 2018:
Six! She's six! Ahhhh!
Dear Vienna,
I love you. This is the first time I'm writing this when you can actually read...
...however considering what I want to say I may need to ignore that fact and write to you knowing you'll read it later. Let me start this over...
Dear Vienna,
I love you. Every single day I'm excited to say good morning and see your bright little face take on the day. You are so, so, so, happy about what comes next! That day in school, the next holiday, the next everything! It's so wonderful to watch. You're also so goofy and funny that it takes me by surprise. You're doing voices, little pratfalls - like, legit comedienne stuff here. Man I want to do everything possible to keep you from losing that spirit. You genuinely make me laugh and I just love you to pieces.
I hope by the time you're reading and really processing this you can grasp how fortunate you and Cameron are to be in a loving family. My parents were well on their way to divorce by the time I was 6 and because my father's work took him out-of-town there was little feeling of a family unit. The four of us on the other hand spend a remarkable amount of time together and Mama and I love each other very, very much. It may seem commonplace to you, but the alternative (which I've lived) is painful. Although I always felt loved by my parents, I never saw them love each other. Every time I saw them even be remotely nice to one another it made my heart race as if somehow we could be a family again. I'm just so happy you have a family. I just feel so lucky to have you as a daughter, Cameron as a son and Talya as a wife. We don't always step back and think of that in the moments of running around trying to do everything we need to during the day, but a 6th birthday is a good time to do it.

Love you, love you, love you,
A huge thank-you to Gerome whose Gru impression is just ridiculous. The entire time he has been here the kids literally believe he is Gru. They know of no Gerome, they call him Gru. Been having a blast with you man. Flash & The Fundamentals with Gerome is up next!

Happy Birthday again, Vienna,