10:07 AM, Thursday, September 27th, 2018:
Sometimes the Journey Gods just say: "Ok, it's time to do THIS now..."
After meeting Kenny Loggins a few entries back leading to the Top Gun Danger Zone Hole 2 coming soon, I was surprised at how organically that all came together. Then I jump on Facebook and Michael O'Keefe (who lives in NY) is doing a play here in LA. I contact him again (3 years after originally doing it when I made the Gopher Hole and he responds almost immediately.
Crazy, right? And tonight we're going downtown to see his play. Awesome that my dad was around for all of this since he just happened to be visiting.
So I guess I'm making another GolfKon video and raising some money which is awesome. Needed a reason, and Mr. O'Keefe jumped in. It's always been a motto of GolfKon to wait until the moment strikes. There's still holes to be themed, but I don't want to force it. I met Weird "Al" Yankovic, one thing lead to another and we have the "Wheel of Fish". THAT is organic. I love that. I'm not just picking my favorite movies. I built a bar... THEN it occurred to me that a Cheers themed GolfKon sign would be cool and a random Facebook friend posted a pic with George Wendt and I thought "HOLY SHIT!" That's the way it should work. Caddyshack hole came after meeting Joel Murray, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
So I have no idea what's next but I know it will surprise me. That's what I love about life...