1:27 PM, Tuesday, September 25th, 2018:
Part of doing everything yourself is you avoid some pretty big bills. As a homeonwer it's known that you will incur big costs but man, when you're all the labor? It cuts it by 75% and sometimes much more. That 50 foot sewer pipe leading back to the guesthouse? $4000. Did it myself? $50.
Fifty. Bucks.
So when the AC unit finally stopped I did indeed look into what I could do by myself but the truth is? It's hot. After a couple days? You just want it to not be hot anymore. And man, buying some of these units when you're not a professional is crazy. What they can get for $2500 I can't touch for $4000. AND THEN THERE'S THE LABOR. And then there's the company that just adds a couple thousand because. I had the dude itemize everything. After all the labor was paid, everything was rented, etc... they just added $2000. LMAO. Why? Because they can.
I was annoyed, but I was hot. At least it's a journey video...
I will say this though: it's cool in my house. It's cooler than I thought was possible. Kinda wish I had this during the hundred degree days but those days will be here again.
Anyway, that's it. I really don't want to belabor this point and life is crazy busy at the moment (wait'll you see what happens next) but I had to stop and make this a thing.
Ahh, the journey.