12:26 PM, Saturday, September 22nd, 2018:
So after Talya, Don and I had the best time ever in Paris a couple months ago (Oh and Harry and Tom too, sorry) I started trying to convince Gerome (the guy who brought us out and SHOWED us such a good time) to visit LA. And unlike most who hem and haw - this mofo DID IT. And then Don and I were like "oh fuck, we gotta show this cat a good time".... HA.
The initial reason was because of... shit have I even announced this? No. Wow. Anyway - for Fastest Delorean Part Two we were having Mikey and Don race again on September 26th and I just found out a couple weeks ago they CANCELLED the race night. So many people changed schedules to be at that - my father is coming in THAT DAY to make it all happen and alas, here we are. But, the good news is we're all gonna be here and have fun.
I think it goes without saying I think the world of Gerome (and his girlfriend Michelle). They're kind, funny and extremely easy-going which in a world of stress and anxiety is a welcome relief. When Talya and I got home we were really bummed about just how far our new friends were, but with planes all things are possible I guess. And the way things are going in this country... whew. You truly never know.
This won't be the last you see of Gerome this month as he'll be on Flash & The Fundamentals as well as a birthday surprise for Vienna but I had to cement the moment he came to GolfKon (September 18th, 2018) as it's the very spot Don did "Facebook Live" that Gerome saw and, well - the rest is history.
I love the randomness of this journey...