11:35 AM, Monday, September 17th, 2018:
Thanks to Kenny Loggins, the Delorean streak of gigs per month continues. It was about to end at 49 until the Santa Barbara Police Department contacted me for a shoot with Kenny Loggins. What a way to keep the streak in tact! I have tons and tons of footage but I gotta save a bit of it so here's a quick clip...
Of course what I think will be the lasting legacy of this day was the idea to have Hole 2 be dedicated to Top Gun...
...with the END of that hole being dubbed "THE DANGER ZONE". Everyone ho has played that hole is saying "YES!" right now because it's the fucking worst. It's also a great way to honor Loggins rather than just the movie. It's just one of those perfect marriages and if he can't make it out I'll probably the theme the hole anyway...

...however, he was a very cool dude during the shoot. We got to talk a lot and I explained GolfKon and asked about an interview and he was receptive. His manager was there, she gave me her card - I wrote and she responded all in pretty record time. They're out of town right now but will get back to me. This will be a difficult thing to pull off because Santa Barbara is pretty damn far from LA, but if there's a time they're already in town, this would be a super-quick little video. Of course making the hole may take a long time with what I'm imagining.
But hey, it's been a couple years since we've had a hole theming and I'm excited to get a new one. It's rare.
So yeah, there's the surreality of my life. Kenny fucking Loggins. As a song-writer and musician this one really hits me. Dude is a legend. That voice, those songs... just wow. Really hope this plays out, but again even if he never finds a way here I'm going to make "The Danger Zone" a reality.