I'm creating this documentation of harassment by Scott Vogel for police and media outlets who have asked for the whole story which can be very difficult to piece back together since his threats were reported and removed by Facebook and now he has been banned all together. I will happily provide the raw screenshots to anyone who wants them for proof that nothing was changed, but it needed to be put in a digestable order with some off-topic posts removed to keep it coherent. It's a lot of information to digest. I'm also happy to provide my phone to the police and media as well if needed.

On September 5th I posted a tweet by Donald Trump and this was the corresponding thread:
At this point I was contacted by Scott through a direct message. This is the only time we've ever spoken privately in any way:
I posted these screenshots and asked my friends to share and tag all mutual friends to protect my family and was blocked by Scott.
They did without hesitation and absolutely swarmed him. Many people called and contacted me about him being kicked out of theaters because of his erratic behavior at which point this took on a tone beyond "just talk". Several people actually spoke with him where he continued to double-down on his threats:
And another...
And an even longer conversation that left everyone I shared it with, completely unsettled:
At this point I felt it was clear that Scott's comments were a deeper threat than the initial violence. This is when the authorities were contacted and I was told to document everything and bring it to them.
I should also probably add that Scott and I have very little history. Not only have I (nor my wife) ever met him, he's only ever posted a handful of times on my political threads yet does seem to know quite a bit about my public careers. As well, within those threads it was usually my friends arguing with Scott which for some reason he attributes to me. I cannot provide those screenshots as he has been removed from Facebook but I did address it in another thread where my friends were arguing with a Trump supporter who was caught lying about her entertainment career:
The following day, Scott posted this status update:
The lies were Sso egregious I felt the need to reply in kind on my page:
At this point I was told by the authorities to bring them complete documentation. Thankfully I had screencapped almost everything ASAP as several of Scott's posts were taken down because they violated Facebook's Terms of Service.
Among my friends in law enforcement and media I have two friends that work for Facebook and yesterday his account was deactivated. I'm not sure for how long. I thought that was the end of it until this morning when Scott made a new account, "liked" the post where I asked my friends to think twice about attacking people on my page since I take the brunt of their anger even when I don't speak and then added this:
That is where we stand today.
I know this has our present politics wrapped around it but I would hope Scott's father, former Republican California State Assembly 12th District Ken Vogel, would agree that these types of attacks and bullying don't represent the values he stands for. Barring anymore contacts from Scott, this matter will be dealt with by the police, the media that wishes to address internet bullying inside and outside of politics and my attorney.
And since all of this happened while we were camping, a random iPhone video will be this entry's video because, well, longest video blogger:
Sucks that our first camping trip will always be stained with this dude but the trips will soon outweigh just this one.