9:05 AM, Sunday, September 2nd, 2018:
So here's me talking about the business side of things which I rarely do in public because, well, it's kind of giving away all the secrets. Also? There's some bad blood between owners (even though they are all happy to take the gigs I get them) and it's hard sometimes to hide the looks on my face. My beard does hide most of it though. HAHAHA.
Anyway, this might be boring to everyone but like 5 people, but any small business owners will probably enjoy this.
Wow, watching that again: there's everything. Anyone wanting to make this a business, I'm giving away the entire thing. If you study what's talked about here and actually do it - you'll have some success. Scott has already done some of it and it's working. Very happy for him.
Still kinda pissed my kids like his shirts. LMFAO.