8:55 PM, Monday, July 20th, 2018:
Ohhhhhh I've been slacking. Over two weeks! When does that ever happen? The short answer is this: when you think you're never seeing your kids again, and you do? You just stop doing everything and spend time with them. I'll get back to everything soon enough but there's a lull in Delorean gigs, I really, really, really thought I was making a massive mistake by going to Paris and that something horrible was gonna happen. And I adore my children.
So, is this a video about the kids? No. I saw some dude taking video of me in the time machine on the freeway and it turned out it was Snoop Dogg. Still can't believe it, had to post this:
The documentarian in me is soooooooo pissed I don't have video of him holding his phone up taking pics of us, but logisitcally - I mean I am driving. So crazy. So random, such a cool little moment.
I have to get in contact with him and get him to the course. Hmmm.
Anyway, more vids soon. Needed the break.