7:45 AM, Monday, July 2nd, 2018:
Man, no partying last night after the dinner. Our crew is beat. Still didn't keep me from getting up early again. Ugh. The video will go here...
Yeah since I don't have my laptop I can't put it together, but I already know it will be covering the three main days. So last night... just, whew. First, they included me. They didn't need to, but Gerome clearly liked the movie and he put my poster up at the event and talked about it. People even took pictures with me, asked for autographs. Meant a lot. And boy did it mean a lot to those in attendance...
You forget. You really forget. I often make people cry when the car shows up and my Superman complex kicks in and I want to see if they're HURT. You, just, forget. But the more you watch people getting emotional taking pictures with Don and Harry you realize: this is a movie they watched their entire lives about a FAR OFF PLACE. To have the actors (who honestly do look so fucking similar it's like there's a fountain of youth in Hill Valley) come to YOUR country and just be there. I mean. It's overwhelming.
And? They couldn't have picked two nicer representatives from the movie. I keep saying that in these entries and it's like I'm privately slamming OTHER actors (which who are we kidding, I kind of am) but I just want to express as many times as possible JUST how gracious and affable these two are. They care about the people that are there. They appreciate them just like I do.... except my movie has been out 4 months, there's has been out 33 years. They never tire of it, their smiles are genuine and there's a true connection. It's like - we can't really explain WHY the car and the actors mean so much, but we SURE AS FUCK accept the responsibility of making the experience amazing. I've done 313 events with that car and for EVERY SINGLE ONE I know that I'm responsible for a big moment for these people and I'm deadly serious until I finally get there. Don and Harry feel exactly the same. I adore that about them.
Tonight was the night we saw the impact up close & personal and I'll never forget it. Just so happy to be here. Just so proud of how hard I worked to even be included. There's now talk of a part 2 next year to coincide with the Fastest Delorean sequel... whew.
That's what I call falling up the stairs.