5:32 AM, Sunday, July 1st, 2018:
It's an early morning in Paris and I'm up once again before everyone because for whatever reason I can't sleep. It's crazy - did like 40 straight hours awake and then slept for THREE last night and now only 4 or 5? Oh well, it'll make jet lag better when we get home if I don't get on a good sleep schedule out here.
So where do I start. I probably start with the video that will be uploaded from LA and then explain it all more in depth...
So that day was far more nerve-wracking than I say in the video. We get to the theater and the owner says the DCP file won't work because it's 30fps. Needs to be 24. Well even if I knew that I couldn't change that very well because converting DOWN is a mess. Blah blah blah, technical shit you don't care about... but they could easily play it off a laptop which they won't. Why? Because if something goes wrong and they've taken everyone's money it'll cause a big drama.

WELL HERE'S YOUR DRAMA. So the guy did agree to run it off a laptop so we went back to the loft to get Gerome's laptop as MY UNBELIEVEABLY UNPROFESSIONAL ASS forgot my charger to my laptop. I'm typing on my iPad right now. What, the, fuck, Adam. We get everything and go back and wouldn't you know? The DCP file runs fine after he loaded it. The only issue I have is it's really, really hot in the very small theater. But? It's REALLY REALLY HOT fucking everywhere right now. A crazy heat-wave and a bunch of old buildings not even remotely used to this type of heat.

But people came, they watched and they GOT IT. Most of these people are Delorean owners so they FELT every frame of that fucker. The gasps and groans. Kenny's texts get AUDIBLE groans from the crowd. They cheer when I get the record. I actually forgot how intense the scenes are. You just, want, that, poor, fucker to get some good news. You know? So strange that I'm talking about me.
And afterwards, just hanging with everyone... and knowing that they actually know me a bit better. Harry is awesome and I was so relieved that he was so down-to-earth and approachable... but there was a bit of concern that HE was thinking "And why is he here?". He probably wasn't... but he got to see why. We talked about the sequel and it was just a nice night. Exhausted but nice. Then we came back and sang and played until we couldn't move. Talya and I jumped in the pool. The pool INSIDE the loft. We're in some strange hazy dream that's kinda like before we had kids and kinda like after the kids have left. Very hard to place in our brains.
And it's her birthday today. I feel kind of bad because although we toasted her and we're all talking about the fact that it's her birthday weekend - clearly this isn't specifically ABOUT her which kinda sucks. I mean, we're not very big birthday people AT ALL, but I do wish there was more time to do something specific with her. Tonight is a fancy dinner, which again, fucking awesome on your birthday, but it's an event for everyone to gawk at Don and Harry. Ya know? Very surreal.
Alright. More coffee is needed.