12:22 PM, Monday, June 25th, 2018:
Whew! I made it. BIRTHDAY VIDEO!
For some context, Cam was trying to mimic the kickworm I did right before. Goddamn that's funny. Alright, onto Cam...
MY MAN. I am having so much fun being your dad I can barely get any work done. I know it seems like I'm working all the time, but in reality you guys see more than most kids since I work at home and can stop at will to do stuff with ya. And now that we're swimming and MARIO TENNIS IS OUT... there's just not enough hours to fit in all the fun. You make me feel like I'm the one turning 4.5 and I love that. I really do.
Thank you for trying so hard to control your temper when Mama or Vienna does something wrong when playing videogames. That's the biggest lesson competitive sports can teach you: how to deal with failure and how to be a great partner. You're well ahead of most kids your age and it's only going to get better with time!
You guys are about to come home and I need to finish some stuff so we can play some more.
Love you so much! Happy Birthday.