10:17 AM, Friday, June 22nd, 2018:
This podcast is so low energy in comparison to the others. Don and I are both pretty shook up from all the border news and since Don is always travelling abroad? There are options. And we both know it. Interesting times...
Whew. What will ever give me hope in this country again? I know this is a particularly rough period but it's not so much what is happening, but how little faith I have in our citizens to navigate the media landscape. I said the same thing I said to Frangela. I just don't see it. I feel like I already know how it ends and every day I wake up hoping my mind will be changed. Not just hoping - LOOKING - really trying to study outside of the box... ways that you could fix this and I have nothing. A momentary light during the mid-terms or even a defeat in 2020 isn't going to change the fundamental issue of our lack of a functioning press. And for whatever reason, it's worse here than other places.
There are choices. Do I have it in me to take them?