1:14 PM, Friday, June 15th, 2018:
Whew. And on top of everything else I somehow pull THIS 60+ project off...
Dude, you know what kills me about that? He didn't set up a camera and do that, his MOM recorded that. I couldn't have done that at his age. So uber-embarassing and he's OWNING IT. Owning everything except the words to the song. I mean come on dawg, learn that shit before the big show.
So to say this was emotional is to say the very, very least. Jimmy's dad passed away, goodness, nearly 7 years ago now and they hadn't watched any of this footage since it was SHOT because it was such a pain in the ass back in the 90s to watch everything off of a camera. So to say this is going to open some wounds is to say the least. During the process I warned Jimmy: get ready. Like, get mentally ready for spending loooooooooooong un-edited moments with your father again that you've never seen. Whew. I've been documenting for so long that my memories are intertwined with the videos so I cannot imagine being handed over 16 hours of footage that I haven't seen encompassing several years. Just overwhelming to think about.
But I was pretty excited to be able to do this for him and his family. It's the truth. I think that's what draws me to video so much: it's the truth. They were a very sweet family and it shows overwhelmingly in every hour. These days we can so easily erase what we don't want to be seen and make this picture-perfect reality. Not so back in the 90s. These are the raw tapes and it's incredible to watch.
Best of luck taking all this in, Jimmy. Love you man.