2:46 AM, Friday, June 8th, 2018:
This video will mean SO much to me and Talya in the years to come...
Wow. I can hardly express how much Vienna's anxiety issues have worried us in the past couple of years and to watch nearly all of them DISAPPEAR because of overcoming this one hurdle? Just, whew. Movies she wouldn't even LISTEN to before - she is READY TO WATCH. Things she would never dream of attempting she's up for. So much so we have to be QUITE careful about any coming failures while she's on this high. Whereas with Cam we actively SEEK OUT the challenging to knock him down a few pegs - I'm not sure she's ready to handle that just yet...
...but swimming? Oh yeah. Now she still needs you in the water, still wants to "Swim to you" and it'll be a good part of the summer for her to be comfortable. That's fine. Our neighbor let's us use his pool whenever and we'll be TAKING HIM up on that now. But to watch her transformation as she progressed during those two weeks? She is just SO happy.

So wonderful. Yay. Huge moment.