1:20 PM, Sunday, June 3rd, 2018:
Exactly what you'd expect from Don...
It's hard to express being friends with someone as down to earth as Don... yet his life is like this. Does that make sense? What do you mean you bought a YACHT. What was wrong with your MASSIVE BOAT you had before?

...but see, you say that to someone who just turned 30, not 60. Because if you're still doing this shit at 60 - you clearly figured out "the game" and you're making it work. This isn't remotely extravagant to Don... it's just what he chooses to do with his money. Clearly he has more of it than most, but he plays HARD dude, He is the opposite of me and it has to be why we get along so well.

For example, Talya and I have the opportunity to BUY his other boat. Fair price, docking fees although expensive aren't ridiculous... but my brain can't stop thinking it's just another thing to be responsible for and stressed out about. I think that's what always blows my mind about looking at Don's life through his eyes: holy shit that's a lot of overhead. LESS overhead is what makes me happy and Don? He just LOADS UP - plays hard and says fuck it: I bet I can afford this. I bet I'll find a way no matter what. The funny thing is, I've proven I have that same inner constitution and always piece together the parachute as I'm falling... but his ability to keep stacking that shit up is incredible.

He'll also be the first to tell me his "baby" is 27 and I have a 4 and 5-year-old. Maybe in 15 years I'll be singing a different tune. Hmmm.
Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a philosphical discussion, just a happy birthday video. So, happy birthday Don! KEEP LIVIN' THAT LIFE!