11:53 AM, Sunday, April 29th, 2018:
Now that I'm thinking of this in terms of an on-air show, the ONLY thing my brain sees is how unprofessional this video is. I know how to shoot this correctly and there simply wasn't the time to pull it all together so I had to settle for one go-pro instead of 3 and NO camerman instead of 2 and a sound guy (at the very LEAST). Also, no hands on deck to scope out the elevators (there were 2, she came out of the OTHER one) to make sure we nailed the surpise perfectly. I mean, you can never REALLY screw up when there's a Time Machine, she's happy no matter what, but this is NOT how you shoot this properly. That being said? You get the story. It makes sense and you can see the potential for more.
But screw that, let's see this thing, right?
Yeah, we didn't kill it Don. But in this case, that's alright. There's enough for here for a reel where production value doesn't really matter. We're telling good stories, we're making you smile and that's the entire point of everything.
And of course on a personal level - we totally rocked it for Marion. She was legit thrilled and I think he's out of whatever perceived doghouse he might have been in. We actually asked her about that and she genuinely seemed like she didn't care that he didn't get her anything for her birthday, but thankfully he felt bad or none of the last 3 entries would've happened. ;-)
...she also works at BET in the Viacom building. Uhm. Hard not to see how that could help me and Don once we're ready to pitch this presumably in July after Paris.
Sometimes, Adam, things actually work. Pardon me if I only see all the ways they can fail.
(ahem, year 19)