2:44 PM, Thursday, April 26th, 2018:
So we're at 3 hours of edited video content THIS MONTH on the Journey and it's not even my job. I'm getting that "can't sleep" itch because I know I have something here, but as always, don't know the route to go to make it happen on a bigger level.
Anyway, Marion from the last episode is actually a radio DJ and he wanted to interview me about the "Fastest Delorean in the World" and I had Don jump in as well. Put that all together and we get an extra Flash & The Fundamentals interview. Some very funny stuff here...
The feeling of MONUMENTAL underachieving and COMPLETELY WASTING good content on a WEBSITE NO ONE EVER SEES is pretty intense right now.
I'll breathe, do the gig tomorrow for Marion's girlfriend, and then figure out how we're gonna go ahead. The good news? Don finally believes me. He gets it. He has some contacts for sure, but he never had the content (his words). He knows he has the content now. He knows we're a good duo.
Holding my breath a little...