11:34 AM, Wednesday, April 25th, 2018:
Here we are again in my life. I have all the pieces for a successful TV show to be pitched and produced. More content than I know what to do with. I easily could have done "Fastest Delorean in the World" as a docu-series/reality show and interspersed all the gigs I did during that time and throw in me and Don? It works.

Now we're trying to process what makes up the sequel and boom: this is the perfect example of what is a great story that would be part of an episode. We have tons of these because the business itself PROVIDES THE FODDER. Plus the car issues, me and Don - this is easy. This is a winner...
...this also needs connections that I don't have. I guess I could give 85% of the idea away to another production company and have nothing to do with it except being talent, but it defeats the entire purpose. I can produce this, I just need a crew and a contract. Ugh, lemme get to the video:
So in the midst of all the issues with the car, this pops up. It's interspersed with the things going on with me and Don - mixed with our Q and As for "Fastest Delorean"... it has actual heart and actual reality. Can you watch that video and NOT want to see her reaction?
...of course, I don't have a crew and I'll just have to do this on my cell phone - but I could EASILY make a 20 minute pilot. I could also go back and break up the documentary the same way, all interspersed with me and Don talking at the bar. It's a perfect set-up.

How do we avoid this fading away? I'll keep wracking my brain...