9:55 AM, Sunday, April 22nd, 2018:
It's hard to put into words how amazing it is to have another year like 2015. In fact, taking out October 2015? This is surpassing it by leaps and bounds. A normal March & April is 7-8 gigs. 4 gigs a month is AWESOME. Plenty. I usually average close to $800 a gig, so yeah, I'm GOOOOOOD on 4 a month. This year in March & April?
26 gigs.
Twenty, six, gigs. Now you see why that fire in January was so intense? Now you see why I just paid cash to fix it as fast as possible and didn't bother with insurance because I didn't have the time? Even February had 8 events, which is DOUBLE the normal amount. This shit is stressful as balls...
...but the good times can mean a corporate gig at the Anaheim Convention Center next to Disneyland and enough downtime and free hotel stays to take the family to Disney. Incredibly, something we did this exact month in 2015. Craaaaaaaaaaazy.
So to be perfectly honest, this was a tough visit. And it will be our last for a good while. They just didn't have the patience for the lines, man. It's different when you're in a stroller, I guess - but they want to RUNNNNNNNNNN. They want to MOVE. And they were absolutely just acting out. It's also, incredibly, our NINTH visit to Disneyland. And since they watch these movies so much? It's overkill. I think we take another year or so off and go to Universal (which is 5 minutes from us) if we do anything at all. It's a catch-22 really, when you live in Ohio - the idea of Disneyland or DisneyWorld is something you dream of. You book it months in advance, you build it up like a lifetime. To our kids it's just another day which is comparable to ANY FREAKING PLAYGROUND to them. This one is just bigger and with bigger lines. Basically, the magic is kinda filtered out.
THEN AGAIN, they did have fun and hey - it was freaking free. The dude who got us in quit the NEXT DAY so really, the writing is on the wall: time to move on.
...of course when Star Wars Land opens next year I may feel differently. ;-)