12:06 PM, Sunday, April 15th, 2018:
I can finally announce this! (basically because I finally made this trailer - lol)
But I'm ahead of myself. Ahem.
SO HOLY SHIT MAN, a Drive-in Q&A with the Mayor! This was actually Andrew's idea (oh yeah, wait, I haven't mentioned this) this is Andrew... the guy that owns a couple theaters in Texas and helped me see Star Wars early, who sponsored GolfKon the first time and we've been friends for damn near 20 years. Crazy. ANYWAY, he thought the visual of a drive-in Q&A was awesome for a car movie... so here we are. We're calling it the world's first, but that's not really verified. I just can't fathom anyone doing it logistically. I know there's outdoor viewings with Q&As, but the idea of just talking to a sea of car headlights just seems freaking awesome to me. LOL. We'll see if it works!
This is so exciting. I'm sooooooooooooooo glad I made this movie. Goddamn, I was so close to shelving this because of the shit that happened with Kenny. That would've been a massive mistake.