12:23 PM, Friday, April 6th, 2018:
And suddenly it seems like it's all gonna be alright...
So a couple days ago I get a message from the lead designer at Holley Performance, a huge company in the performance motor parts world. We jump on the phone and long story short: he saw the movie, loved it and thinks he can "help". He's not promising anything, but their company's motto is "LS Swap the World" and they often sponsor interesting LS swapped cars. Well, ya can't get much more interesting than my build. Again, no promises, he's just really positive and wants to help out.
I have to be honest here, it gave me chills. If the documentary somehow allows a sequel to happen where the car is REBUILT the right way? What a fantastic end to the story. THEN it makes sense as a 2-part story. I need help, I need a community and a couple days ago I was on his podcast with other gearheads who watched the movie and suddenly? Well suddenly I felt a community of people that were going to help and make sure this all works out... somehow. We spoke for over THREE hours and I cut together a 15 minute section at the beginning for the site...

...I mean wow. Just that information RIGHT THERE throws me in so many different directions with so many opportunities to find answers. Just, whew. Get me someone local with a dyno that wants exposure through the sequel? I'm golden. Nothing I'd like better than to showcase people who swoop in and solve these problems. It's ready-made for a hero to save the day.
And this year just keeps getting crazier.