6:46 AM, Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018:
If you can get Mr. Fullilove to call you a dick on camera, you've accomplished something. This is our best podcast, bar none.
I'm also now certain I made a grave mistake challenging him to a foot race. I wasn't fast at 16. I could just go forever because my brain won't quit. This is just stupid... but it will be funny.
Also, we clearly have far more fun with one drink. Don was more Don, I was happier to give him shit and it's more the rhythm of our actual conversations than usual. Also? Life is just insane. I mean, things are just whipping out of control. This feels so much like 2015, I can't believe it. So many gigs, then the movie, just... AHHH.
And I got a call about a sponsorship for the Time Machine? Whaaaaaaaaat? More soon.