5:22 PM, Tuesday, March 27th, 2018:
It is so unbelievably difficult for me to do this entry without sharing ALL of the amazing video I have on the red carpet. But again, as I've said in a few entries now, this is footage for the documentary and I have to keep some of it private. I could honestly just piece together stories in past journey years into documentaries so this is all very confusing what to share and what not to share. The documentarian in me is all twitchy and shaky because I can't put together the stories that are happening... all the footage is just sitting on a gigantic timeline for "Fastest Delorean Part Two" but I know it's prudent now to wait. I don't want to have to lock the whole journey in the ways I had to last year with "Fastest Delorean in the World". So I simply give you the new trailer with some new footage...
Very, very cool. Very happy. Incredibly, that opening shot? Shot by a man named Romain Raynaldy for the worldwide newswire AFP. They used the shot in their newspiece (like I'm a freaking actor in the movie - lol) and he sent me the original file today less than 24 hours later. That's some rare professionalism there. It's not like this was on an iPhone...
This was one of the more surreal moments for our business. I really had no business being there as the company had hired another car for their "Ready Player One" maze. It was an 18-day committment they had called me about, but March was a 13-event month for me (2nd only to October 2015 believe it or not) and I couldn't do it. But, they could have easily moved the maze car to the red carpet for a couple hours and then back. And I think they were going to do that because they tried to cancel after putting a downpayment down but it was well past their time to do that and alas, here we were and the car isn't even the plutonium version like in the movie. <throws hands up> Just goes to show, none of that shit matters. People see a Delorean and they're happy.
I rolled up and just watched all the craziness going by me. Everyone was taking pics of the car, so I sat in it and everyone took pics of me. LMAO. I'm sure they WANTED me to leave, but I'm no dummy. Then of course all the names came through, Spielberg, the stars of the movie and of course as you saw in the trailer, this ridiculous moment of my life:
You just can't beat that. I was able to point out his signature I got in 2014:
I mean... wow. Just, wow. That's Doc Brown, sitting in my car, holding the visor with his signature on it. Just... surreal. It's kind of like a peek moment for this entire project of RentTheDelorean.com. I thought it would be 2015, but 2015 was obvious. That was just having the balls to bank on the future year... this whole Ready Player One renewal and even the years in between? That's a legit business with legs. I could never do another big event like this and this is a massive success in my life that I honestly feel took very little on my part to have. That's how the world outside of showbiz works though: the laws of marketing and hard work are rewarded. Heh.
So in the midst of all this, I get a text from a friend who had seen the movie that Don is in it. His Goldie Wilson poster is in it quite prominently. <blink> I flipped out and called him immediately. AND A DUDE IN THE CROWD GOT A PICTURE OF ME ON THE PHONE. LOL:
Don was rightfully elated. I'm so bummed he couldn't make it to the carpet with me as he was working, but what a really good day for both of us, right? We're gonna go see it together this week and properly geek out.
And just like that it was done. I grabbed a chunk of the carpet (beacuse of course I did - they were throwing it out anyway) and I was on my way. Oh and there's a cool pic (from JD Raimer, he's at everything) of me right before leaving...
Wow. The prestige of being on that carpet is pretty awesome.

Ya starting to understand why that fire was so stressful? There's no insurance for missing moments like this... except maybe another personal back-up car. Believe me, if there's a good deal? I'd do it.