11:59 AM, Tuesday, March 20th, 2018:
I'm juggling so much. Every section of my life deserves ALL of my attention. More discoveries with the car that I now gloss over on "The Journey" because it's so OBVIOUSLY part of a sequel, the promotion of the film, the business which is so busy I can barely see straight (12 gigs this month alone) and my family. Ya know the cool thing about that is that I really do get to see and hang out with them a lot since I run this whole damn thing from a piano bench that I've thrown computer equipment onto.
Does anyone know that? All the editing and stuff I produce... it's not in an office, editing bay, studio... It's in the corner of our bedroom on top of a piano because we have 1000 square feet and 4 people. Typing that just now made me aware of how insane that is. My back hurts. LOL. I still feel like the luckiest man in the world. Funny how it's all relative.
So Frangela TODAY! Good shit. Great shit actually. They have to tire of me screaming "IT'S THE INFORMATION, PEOPLE" but I'm gonna say it every chance I get. They were also very nice to pimp Fastest Delorean for me. Also helped that the phones were broken and they couldn't take calls. Ha.
Love 'em. Oh, and jesus - the review at Columbus Underground! Look at this awesome cover of their site:
Man that's just so awesome. And Mr. Brian Byrne! Another Watterson Alum! (The leprechaun brother to my right). Love home town shit. Anyway here's the article...
And now for what will be the craziest week. I drop off my car on Thursday at the Microsoft Theater at LA Live, get on a train to go marry Jimmy and Kaylyn, then come back and pick-up the car Saturday hoping nothing happened to it and the READY PLAYER ONE RED CARPET on Monday.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Yup. I booked it. I'm still waiting for it to somehow disappear, but so far so good. Money down. I feel safe announcing it.