7:15 PM, Thursday, March 8th, 2018:
This journey, boy... it really is a therapy for me to sit down and try to collect my thoughts and not freak the motherfuck out any more. I've done that for a couple hours already. Here, I'll just post the video from the DMV and then explain what the hell it all means.
And once again we find ourselves with what should be a nice 5 minute documentary-style video that I'm going to keep to myself because it's CLEARLy going in a sequel and I can't give it all away now. This is all still the aftermath of the fire. So we start last week...
...I go to AAA to order my new 4tvs.com tags because the other ones were destroyed in the fire. We do the entire transaction, $43.00, and then as I'm leaving the guy says he needs my old tags back.
I explain to him that there's a plethora of babies I'd rather throat punch then ever lose these plates. I ask to speak to a manager even though I never, ever, ever, make that play. I simply explain how long I've had them, that the fire could've killed me and these are valuable as hell to me. They said they couldn't do anything, but I might be able to plead my case to the DMV directly. I thanked them, got all of my money back and made an appointment for the DMV.
I get to the DMV today, thrilled I made an appointment and promptly get my ticket, sit down and look at my phone where there's an email that the movie is ALREADY LIVE ON AMAZON WHAT THE FUCKING HOLY SHIT BALLS.
I try to contain my compusure, my body has different plans, and then of course I'm immediately called to a window (make appointments, people. it rocks). I try to refrain from my METHY behavior while at the window, but can't seem to stop jumping around. The reason is this:
Suddenly, after a year of this all being in my head and no one really believing I would make this, yadda yadda... it is legit. It is ON AMAZON RIGHT NOW: http://bit.ly/FastestDeloreanAmazon. The legitimacy that adds to EVERYTHING is just soverwhelming and add to that? Now Kenny will see it. We all know how he reacted to the trailer, oh this isn't going to be good. But it's like a band-aid: now we can deal with THAT. Can't possibly get worse than THAT.
So I want to scream and jump and yell but I have to now plead my case for when this lady asks for my plates. I do, she talkes to a supervisor who I can slightly hear within earshot: "if they're mangled, it's fine." and HOLY SHIT I get to keep them. Here's how the law works out here with personal plates:
If you wish to KEEP your personalization, you must give them one of your plates. If you've lost both of them, they WILL not give you that personalization again. You must surrender at least one. I lost my other one years ago while on a long trip. Just rattled off during the tow. So they had to make a caveat and thankfully they did. I would've gone to 100 DMVs until they gave me the answer I needed. Of course next in this fucking drama is passing a smog check by May 24th. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah. Whole 'nother story.
But for today ladies and gentleman! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. EXCEPT FOR WHAT'S COMING ANY FUCKING MOMENT. No way after I announced it through my Fastest Delorean page that he won't see it by the end of the night. He's a night owl, so I'm putting my phone on silent and trying to sleep. Yeah good luck with that.
What a day man. What, a, day.
PS - he just texted at 11:04pm his time. It deserves it's own entry. Cliffhanger. Sorry.