11:50 AM, Friday, March 2nd, 2018:
First and foremost, I'm sorry the fucking camera is shaky as balls. I tried to do some stabilization to it after the fact and it made it worse... it's a product of the "one man crew" slider I have going and the fact that I used my iPhone this time in order to get a nice 4k shot. Well that didn't fucking work. I'll go back to my old camera from now on that was HEAVIER therefore took the movement of the slider much better. Or maybe I'll try and weight down the iPhone? No idea why it's so sensitive considering it has the best lens stabilization I've ever seen in a camera. Ugh. Anyway... here ya go:
Now, let me also say that as much as I love the guy who sent us the sample of the weed wine (and we did actually enjoy it), we cannot do that shit again during a podcast. Drunk is funny. High? Not so much. By the end I could not possibly have cared less about arguing with Don or discussing anything but where we were going to eat (we got burritos). In order to do a talk show like this I, personally, need to be an editor, need to be a director, need to push forward and think from a bunch of angles. That shit ain't happening while high. I start zoning out thinking about food and not caring the least about the broadcast. I almost didn't publish this but the truth is I don't have time to do it again and I did want to give the peeps at "Know-Label" winery the podcast they were promised. So March '18 is a little "off", but we'll be back to normal in April and I can unabashedly say this: if you're looking to chilllllllllllllllllax and are a wine drinker? This shit'll do it. Noooooooooooo doubt.
But for mr. uber-productive? I can't do that shit unless it's 10 minutes before I'm falling asleep anyway. Way too much to pull off man.