9:33 PM, Wednesday, February 14th, 2018:
And then some days... it's like it was all planned out. The stars all aligned. Plugged in the new converter box and yup - started right up. Problem? It started right up before, but then died. I'm just going to assume it was pretty damaged before from the 2nd fire and worked intermittently before eventually dying. Of course we won't know until I drive it. Next gig is on the 20th.
And then? Got an email from Gravitas that simply said: "We’ve had a chance to review. Would you be available for a call later this week to discuss further?" So, obviously they're not setting up a call to tell me they're passing. I will most likely have SOME offer and as I state in the following video blog, there's very little leverage for negotiation. Here's a few minutes of my rambling that will be locked for most likely a couple weeks until the paperwork is signed...
Not sure why I decided to mic that - but it's cool to see a shot from that far that sounds good. And yeah, those tater tots in that air fryer whatever are insane.

So, well, yeah - not much to say until Friday! Ugh this is the hard part: 48 hours of waiting. When will this anxiety end? GODDAMN.