4:48 PM, Friday, February 9th, 2018:
Such a catch-22 right now with The Journey... this video is incomplete. If this stuff wasn't going to go into the future sequel documentary I would make this a great little 5 minute video about this crazy day that saw me SETTING THE FUCKING CAR ON FIRE AGAIN...
...and then eventually getting it to start. Ironically thanks to a text from Kenny. All of that will be explained in what is already shaping up to be an intense sequel, but here's the magic moment:
You could argue I should hold out the video that it started, but the truth is - if you're following a vlog as personal as "The Journey" I can't hide that the car is running. What I know I now need to hide are the documentary style videos like the one last month, January 10th, because that will be the bulk of the doc.
BUT ANYWAY - it was an awful day. A day where I plug everything in, it catches fire (like actual flames) and I have no idea what's wrong and I start just grabbing parts that MIGHT be broken and drive to O'Reilly's to replace them. $75, $110, $45... throwing darts at a board man. It was awful. I finally text Kenny and since he's acted like nothing ever happened since the fire (awkward) he was happy to help and told me the specific converter box to check. Alas, that was it and the car started. Holy shit.
So I spend all-day tomorrow cleaning it up, doing a test-run and then I have a gig. Whew. Lots to get to. Huge step today.