12:35 PM, Saturday, February 3rd, 2018:
The package I spent over $100 to overnight was incomplete. Even says so on the slip:
Why, in the motherfucking hell, would I pay to overnight HALF of what I need to start the car. And make no mistake - all they were to ship were 2 harnesses. The "Upgrade" lines make it look like they shipped more and only one, tiny, thing was shipped separately. No, 2 harnesses, both needed to start the car. It was NEVER mentioned that one of the wiring harnesses wasn't complete, they've had 2 weeks. Of course these fucking people are from Michigan. God. Damnit. And to top it off? All the fuel injector connectors (8) are wrong. They won't know any of this until Monday. Car will be towed to and from Hermosa Beach tonight. I'm so angry I can barely see straight. I even let a day pass before writing because I thought I'd break the "fuck" button and I'm still fuming.
So here's a cute video of me and Cam...
That song I wrote for Talya is now Cam's favorite. Always makes me think of the Tarbet days in 2011 where Talya and I were attacked at the very beginning of our relationship. Repeatedly. Seems so minor now but goddamn that was hard at the time. I'm trying to be friends with all these new people and one just EXPLODES, goes through the journey and tells Talya I'm awful and whew... what a couple months. I know everyone likes to paint the picture with things like that... that it brought us closer, etc. It didn't. It just stained a really nice period for us. We were already close. It just hurt us a bunch. Just made us sad. Just made us isolate ourselves. Made Talya not have bridesmaids. No, sometimes people just ruin some shit and it lingers. Anyway - this song was right in the midst of that... thus the memories come back. How bizarre it must be for them to see my kid singing it with me.

Or probably not. I'm certain I hold those moments in my head far more than they do. Hell I cared more about my 5 month relationship with Talya than they did about their 5 year relationship with Talya. Sucks for her more than anyone.
Alright that was a nice distraction from the wiring harness mess. I have another gig a week from today and here's hoping they pick-up the fucking phone on Monday. Oh yeah, they don't like answering the phone much over there. So it's REALLY fun if I have an issue.