8:29 PM, Thursday, February 1st, 2018:
Yup. Still waiting. Looks like I will now get the wiring harness Friday at 3pm. I called them LAST MONDAY and they said it would take a couple days. It's now the end of the 2nd week. I was ready to install this over a week ago. When every fucking day counts, this is awful. My gig is Saturday night and will need to arrange a tow Saturday morning, so... good luck Adam. Maybe it will just be easy.
Because everything has been so easy. Of course DURING this time, I was able to shoot and edit yet another Flash & The Fundamentals. We had the shooting date booked for awhile since Jay was visiting from NYC, but I never imagined I'd have it edited and uploaded the NEXT DAY. But, well, thank you FUCKING HARNESS COMPANY. So, here ya go...
So fun. We could have gone on for hours more and in fact, Jay interviewed Don for HIS podcast directly after and we hung out for like 5 hours talking, drinking and having a good time. Jay watching the documentary and giving me some notes was so awesome. He really believes this is going to be received well at Gravitas and I should actually be writing that email now... but I'm procrastinating because I'm so goddamn nervous. A rejection email within a couple days just changes fucking everything. I know there's a ton of other distributors, but man - this seems so perfect. The timing with 'Ready Player One' AND the fact that I just saw a Superbowl commercial with a Delorean Time Machine RACING a NASCAR. I mean... the timing for Fastest Delorean in the World couldn't possibly be better. Just. Whew.
Anyway - fun episode. Tomorrow is going to be nerve racking.