1:29 PM, Tuesday, January 30th, 2018:
Well, while waiting on a wiring harness I was able to finish the doc last week. The fire ends up being a "button" to the end of the movie that might as well be an anvil on your head after what you just witnessed. I inevitably put the shot of me and McFly putting out the fire just so you know the entire thing didn't go up, but you still have no idea whether it's salvageable. And as hopeful as I am - we won't know until we get the FUCKING HARNESS THAT THEY KEEP SAYING THEY'RE SHIPPING AND THEN THEY'RE UNRESPONSIVE. FUCKING MOTHERFUCK.
Ahem. So here's the trailer.
Now this is more for Gravitas (the distributor), thus the tie-in with Ready Player One. I mean, it's such an amazing coincidence it should be a massive selling point. But because of that, this isn't public. Basically, all releasing it publicly would show is that I have maybe 100 views on something I'm trying to sell to Netflix. Not exactly helpful. The development of this doc is a bit backwards since I was ready to stop at every fucking moment. Usually you have a nice kickstarter... have everyone following it for a year or so and then the distributor is interested. Now it's 100% on the strength of the doc. I'm cool with that, it's a very, very, very engaging story. And, well, it's my only option. So there's that.
But yes, as you may have noticed, my patience with the MOTHERFUCKING HARNESS COMPANY that literally says "should be ready today" and then never answers a phone call the rest of the day (EVEN DURING BUSINESS HOURS COCK BALLS), and then when you do get ahold of them THE NEXT DAY says "we don't have any paperwork for you...". Repeatedly. Like they've said that 3 times not remembering me each time, then remembering me later. I just. I just.
MOTHER FUCK. Ahem. Trying to be cool. Already accepted the fact I can't make my gig even if the wiring harness is all I need and I need to prepare a towing option. Just... sunuva bitch. I called them on Monday 1/23 when they thought it would take maybe 2-3 days. Vent, vent, vent, vent. Yay the doc is done.