7:45 PM, Wednesday, January 24th, 2018:
So I guess add another feather to the "you're the luckiest fuck on the planet" cap, but Delorean has no more driver's side tail lights. None. In the world. I needed the passenger's side tail light... they had 2. Danny at Huntington Beach Delorean says they haven't needed to make more, but if they get an order for a bunch they'll probably find a manufacturer that can make brand new ones. That would take easily a year if they even bothered to do it! And as you'll see in the video, there's a stack of rear fascia pieces and, well, once they're gone... uhm. Good luck hoping they'll just spend the time processing those for one person. This is why you see Delorean always trying to re-release the car. They need interest to fund what would be extremely expensive R&D to replicate the body parts. They're not gonna do it for one sale to Adam in California...
...so basically, what the fuck is insurance for?! Ya know? What's the dollar amount for irrepleacable? See why it's stressful to drive this goddamned thing even if it's running properly? I'm ok today, tomorrow who knows. Anyway, got some cool footage...
The good news is that no matter what, I can put the car back together as a non-working MODEL and tow it to my gig this upcoming Saturday. I did have a tentative Marty Package booked (where I'd have to drive it), but he hasn't called back and I'm certainly not doing my normal follow-up. LMFAO. So far we're still ahead of the game.
...but man, I will be getting new insurance after this and I haven't the slightest idea how to price it. 'Cause it simply becomes "sorry for your luck, hope this makes you feel better" money and when it's your business? Nothing makes you feel better if you can't re-open.