7:45 PM, Wednesday, January 24th, 2018:
I'm not sure why it hit me so hard yesterday, but I think somewhere in the back of my head I thought the license plate was just smoke damage and I could clean it up. As I started to scrape away it was pretty clear that wasn't happening. The NINETEEN year stickers I had put on there were a clump of ashes and not one pit of paint was left... that's when it really hit me that a piece of my journey was gone.
As I say in the video, the burned license plate will have some momento value to it, clearly, but GOD those plates meant so much to me. Entry #34. A lifetime ago. Transfering them to the Time Machine... just whew. So sad. It's really just the passage of time and the fact that 2000 really is a lifetime ago. An 18-year-old ago. That's what adds the real emotion. I always feel the need to remind everyone that it's not a romantic connection with "Jess & Adam", it's the hope that was in that young man that is now permanently jaded. I still have far more than most (at any age), but I do miss that guy. So much trauma in the past 18 years I can't begin to imagine what he'd think about it all.
Alright, picking up the Delorean piece on Saturday. Certainly a good journey video in there. Alas, I get an editing day tomorrow! Ahhh yes! Back in the virtual world that's only limited by your imagination!