6:32 PM, Sunday, January 21st, 2018:
Even after a full day of cleaning,  I don't have a whole lot to add to that 7am assessment. I have a feeling that no matter what, until I plug the new wires in and hold my breath turning the key I'll have very little to add. It seems as though it's just the wires and a couple tubes and vacuum lines. I mean, clearly the fuel line between the two rails which is the cause of the fire (more on that when I have more information), but the big money will be a new wiring harness ($700) and the back-piece from Delorean ($1800 with a right tail-light and circuit board). The rest of the little things like fuel injectors, coil packs, sensors and odds and ends, etc. should run under $1000. It seems feasible we pull this off for just under $4k. But more than the money, the idea that it's even feasible that this car will be driving in a couple weeks? Whew.
So as I was going through the process of cleaning (which, holy shit is intense with smoke damage and 2 types of extinguisher dust EVERYWHERE) the sense of direction got me excited again. You start seeing how this emotional GUT PUNCH at the end of the doc may be the very thing that sells it (and a sequel)... and it's hard not to get a bit slap-happy. I mean, my hope is rooted in reality, there's still some longshots and about 2% of me believes I just plug it all back in and it starts, but there is a series of events where we look back on yesterday as the turning point for me. I mean, I've taken the entire car apart, found other issues (god, damnit, Kenny) and it's now MY BUILD. No more blaming, it's ALL my responsiblity and that control gives me hope. Half the anxiety of this past year has been having zero control over this car. Every single fucking time you turn the key you think this might be it. Every time. That shit has to stop. Today is the day it starts. An entire fucking year later with a car that blew the fuck up. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH.
Anyway, moving ahead. The future has a little light in it. I have direction. That's all I need.