1:47 PM, Wednesday, January 17th, 2018:
And awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy we go! This month's podcast is complete and I finally got everything working on the iTunes end. Just awaiting approval. Couldn't find a reliable free solution so I gotta pay $5/month. Annoying, but not as annoying as the 8 hours of testing other methods while everyone blamed each other for why it wasn't working. SO FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, HERE'S $5.
Anyway - I'll post the video here...
...and next month I'll give all the links. Apparently people like it if you don't announce your podcast until 3 episodes are up? Uh, ok... I'll count the promo as one.
I enjoyed the shoot, gonna go down to 2 cameras when it's just us because, well, just fuck the amount of work this is. The "Don" shot is a bitch to white balance and so, just yeah fuck that shot. Don can play to the other camera. Now, content wise... whew... certainly wasn't expecting it to be THIS GRAPHIC, but as I said - there's just no other way to talk about that story/topic.
Man, really not much to write after watching a 48 minute conversation - kinda covered it there. I hope people dig it, thankfully I enjoy doing it enough I hardly care who watches...
...but I do care a tiny bit.