6:09 PM, Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018:
The funny thing about all of this to me is... I only feel Grumpy around Frangela. Personally? I'm THE HAPPIEST person I've ever known with the craziest life and fairy tale surroundings of all-time. But Frangela live in the political world and they're hopeful for 2018 and all that will happen and I let that shit go a while back. It, is, over. As I've said on their show and will say repeatedly on Flash & The Fundamentals: the democracy we once knew is over. We no longer have a functioning press therefore nothing will ever work again.
But please, be as hopeful as you'd like. I'll be your friend. I'll invite you over and give you drinks and have fun laughing with you... but I've seen the promised land and it's in the past. This is the future and it ain't getting better. So with that I give you a 20 minute version of my hour with Frangela.
That beard is EPIC. For whatever reason, I'm having a lot more fun with it this year and will have a hard time letting go of it... but for a guy who hates to be defined by any one thing - this beard cannot be permanent. It's inescapable when you walk into a room. I like being a bit more of a chameleon than that.
So yes, loved my time with Frangela. This fucking video took me all day thanks to premiere hating 4k files and having to convert them and, well, it's difficult to edit 3 people talking at once when you're trying to focus on one. But that's what The Journey is all about. I'll be honest, I could throw down with Angela... I vehemently disagree with her on her "high road" bullshit with dems (I think I cut a good chunk of Franken stuff out, but she was all for the zero tolerance and I am decidedly NOT). But it's all in good fun. We care about our world and are trying to progress through it.
Ya know, I'm gonna make them the pilot Drinks & Minigolf episode this year, I just know it. They're just too perfect and I will just enjoy it too much. Got some work to get to before that, but holy shit is this year ambitious! Love it!
Oh and happy 18th anniversary Journey. You're old enough to die in war.