12:01 AM, Monday, January 1st, 2018:
I mentioned it a couple entries ago and it's crazy it took me this many years to figure that out, but my old addage of a "comic book life" is just a little bit off. It's a Video Game life. It's far more random than most comoc book genres. And when you look at the things I'm concentrating on this year, you'll get what I mean...
...and I'll be honest, I may have intimidated myself with all that's supposed to transpire this year. Let's run this down, shall we?
1) Flash & The Fundamentals
What should be easy, a monthly video podcast, isn't going to be... because my partner is anything but readily available or even remotely reliable... which if this was just a normal podcast that would be no biggie... but when you're setting up 3 cameras and needing to depend on natural light? The reliability of your talent becomes kinda crucial. I can't go the easy route, bores me, so I gotta attempt to pin Don down once a month. I think it can happen and I think the videos can be really really good.
2) GolfKon: The Video Game
Make no mistake, this is the #1 priority, but since a finished product won't be out this year it's less in-your-face, but this year will see an actual working product - may see a kickstarter... may see some press... a lot of this will be completed and "faked" this year. By faked meaning, it won't be fully coded and working through a controller, but I can pull off concept videos (kind of like the trailer) and get press and excitement for it as it gets fleshed out.
3) Selling the Doc
The most important first half of the year project is selling "Fastest Delorean In The World" and getting it onto an online streaming service. That's my only goal with that really. I need that accessible to everyone before I start the media push. Of course I also need a fucking car that can start and stay running too, but that's a whole different set of issues.
4) Drinks & Minigolf
Unless I have an in to a really good guest I'm gonna let this one back burner, but man - I still believe playing the 9 holes and ending with a few questions at the bar is perfect. Such a unique backyard. The hats concept is out along with the ride in the Delorean thanks to a car that is unreliable. Unreal that's more of an issue than before the "fix". And, well, let's just add that in here...
5) RentTheDelorean.com and the fucking car
Not exactly a doc spoiler to say the car still runs like shit and I can't seem to solve anything. Gonna put a high torque starter in hoping that helps and keep fucking with the tune so it will idle. A car that won't idle is so fucking annoying in traffic. Christ. Beyond annoying it's just dangerous. Cannot believe how bad off I am with that car. It really needs to get to a sustainable place so I can focus on other stuff because the work isn't slowing down much. Looks like 2018 will be more like 2016 (about half as slow as 2017) which is fine by me. Really want time to focus on other stuff.
And basically, that's just my free-time sans kids. I still love spending more time with them than anything else and that will most likely win out again this year. Such great ages. But, part of raising them is showing them who I am when I'm not dad. Tomorrow I'm gonna start the year off with Frangela on the Stephanie Miller show and it's certainly a good reminder of who I am. That will come out in January's Flash & The Fundamentals as well.
So much to look forward to... and now all of it in 4K.

GODDAMNIT WHY DID I BUY THIS. So yeah, once you see shit in 4K, you're not goin' back. It's a new year, what better time to draw the line so, here goes: the first 4k Journey video:
So cool to use a 20 year old video as the anchor to the absolute mayhem that will be 2018. Ya know, I don't think I've ever shared that old video. The song is Ooh-la Oh-la from my "Hearing My Thoughts" CD that came out... well, 20 years ago. Christ. So yeah, I was trying to think of a way to show what 2018 would feel like for me and there ya go. Pretty fun having over 20 years of your life a few clicks away. That came together pretty quick. And, amazingly, 4k compression is actually better than my previous HD compression so I'm SAVING space somehow? <shrugs> I'm in upside-down land.
And, sadly, what happens now is a complete re-mastering of the Fastest Delorean doc into 4k. Fuck me man... it's gonna be so hard because there's so many places with multiple video sources and the bulk will simply be HD files blown up, but all of the graphics and titles being in 4k will make a huge difference. I bet I can pull off the entire remastering in 3 days and it will be helpful when trying to sell the project.
For a guy who had the Journey completely HD by 2007, I should've been 4k in 2015. Oh well, was doin' other shit and I'm glad I finally made it. Now 2018 is even more exciting to follow.