8:34 AM, Sunday, December 31st, 2017:
Can't really write an entry much better than the voice-over of that video. So, uhm, here's the voice-over for that video:
A year-end video and entry this year is a little strange because 2017 will always be remembered as the "Fastest Delorean" year to me. Watch the documentary and that's it. It engulfed me for 8 months and then I needed 3 months just to decompress and shoot the final bits with Don to finish it up this month. I still have boring color correction and sound-mixing to do, but the main edit is finally over.
So for a year-end video I'm kind of stuck. On one hand there's this wildly expensive and emotional project and on the other? Blissful family life to an almost boring degree. Cam and Vienna growing up before our eyes and our days filled with laughter and screaming and tears and giggling and fighting and laughing and whining. And laughing. Ya know, when it's said and done, this is the video I want to remember 2017 by and I'm just gonna play the whole damn thing right now because it's so precious to me...
...goodness that's awesome. As is our life. Next year should be more of the same and I can't wait to get started!
Bring on the 1800s...
Man it really seems cheap to make the voice-over the entry on the final entry of the year, but after the last couple of entries I don't think there's too much more to add. I'm clearly ready to get started on all this shit. I also got a 49 inch 4K TV for my PC last night that is 29 inches from face right now and it's blowing my mind. I really want to edit and play with it... not write about editing and playing with it.
By the way, this screen (with tax) was $359. 5 years ago this TV was over $7000. This doesn't make sense. I went from a 24 inch flat panel monitor which was a really good deal at $735 (10 years ago - lol) to the equivalent of FOUR of those stacked together (with NO RESOLUTION LOSS MIND YOU, four 1920x1080 screens for 3840x2160) for the equivalent of $89.75 per screen. Sure it's not the best 4K screen out there, I could've gone the actual monitor route and spent that same $735 on a professional screen around 32 inches and maybe in about a week I'm going to have a headache or eye strain or some shit... but after calibrating this and getting it to run at 60hz? Whew. Guys, it's pretty fucking amazing. Moore's Law isn't supposed to apply to screens, man. I don't understand why this is so cheap. A 49 inch regualar HDTV is $329 (plus tax) - how the hell is double the resolution the same price? I don't mean to get political here, but if this is what's killing jobs in this country - I'm cool with some limits on trade. I know technology is moving at lightening speed, but there's no way this screen should be able to get to me from China and delivered to my door for free (thanks Amazon) for under $1000. It just shouldn't.
I guess I'll sit with the ramifcations of that for about 20 seconds and then move on. But, still. This is crazy.
Happy New Year everyone...