11:30 AM, Tuesday, December 26th, 2017:
I was more excited than my children on Christmas morning. I woke up multiple times thinking "Is it morning yet?". And man, I knew this shit would happen when I had kids, my empath gene is just too freaking strong. I WAS THE KIDS IN BED CHRISTMAS MORNING. I can completely lose myself in them and love every second. It's the wildest thing. I love it love it love it and will be completely heartbroken when that changes...
...but I'll be the first person kicking them out and making it change. What a thing to balance. Not this year though. IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!
Still giggling at needing to tell you all that Vienna had fun too. I think I'm gonna have to do a periodic interview with her on The Journey as it's pretty clear that Cam will be stealing the spotlight for the impromptu entertaining videos. Vienna is a brilliant little girl who I adore and can't wait to sit and talk with nearly every day. The good thing is, she'd rather see Cam be funny. She's strangely mature in that sense. She understands that she has talents and Cam has talents and hell, I imagine her DIRECTING Cam for videos in the future.

Wow. There's a thought.
Anyway, it was a wonderful Christmas, Cam is 4 and we're playing with their toys all week. Can't wait to get back to it!