12:01 AM, Monday, December 25th, 2017:
That title isn't written as some sort of amazement that time is moving so fast as much as it's just exciting that he's 4 and I'm happy for him. My empath gene has always been pretty intense and I'm totally feeling this one. Cam is stoked, so I am stoked. Here's your song dude:
For those wondering, we totally lost Ernie's body. Had actually lost his head too for Vienna's birthday video and I had to dismember Bert to give Ernie some normalcy.
So, dear Cam:
We say it to each other constantly as you're going through a very adorable phase of needing to tell everyone in the family you love them. It's awesome. No idea if that will go away, but I kinda hope it doesn't. Our family is very, very lovey. Very cuddly. Very open. It's just very sweet and although part of me tries to shield my heart for the day you don't want kisses (because holy shit that's gonna hurt man), I'm losing that battle. I'm letting sink in pretty good.
Having kids that are 4 and 5 always feels like a balancing act. YOU'RE SO FUN TO BE FRIENDS WITH...
...but I'm your dad and really, really want to be a good one. So I constantly have to think of boring shit like "your best interest" "self-sufficiency" and "boundaries". This year you tested all those. Often. I think this was the first year I said to you "Dude, stop being an asshole." And the funny thing is, you did. LMAO. You totally understood and chilled out. I love how we all talk to each other like adults and act as if we expect you to understand everything (even though we know you don't sometimes) and you pick shit up quickly.
As you see in the video I'm CLEARLY proud of your gaming skills. Can't even believe I can type that at your age. It really is special and unexpected. I'm also glad you've figured it out early so you can attempt other stuff and come back to that skill later. I really want you to try everything you possibly can and see all the amazing talents you and everyone has. So many people get stuck thinking they only have a few. That's rarely the case.
Also glad I am hopefully done with the whole "dont EVER hit your mother or sister again" episodes we've had while you were this age. They are probably the hardest things I've ever done as a father, I still have the image of you terrified of me... just jump in my brain in the middle of the night and I want to weep I feel so bad. I mean, the very few times I've had to do that have worked. You are very considerate of those two now and I know that literally picking you up and telling you 2 inches from your face to NEVER do that again worked, but I hate it. So glad you've outgrown that and how sweet you are to her is so heartwarming.
I love you love you love you. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas.