12:44 PM, Friday, December 22nd, 2017:
While writing this I'm making the decision to have this be a monthly podcast instead of weekly. That's how much I'm thinking this is going to be wildly difficult.
Love you Don, but holy shit why did I think I could get your ass over here once a week. ANYWAY:
The idea of a podcast has come up often in the 20 years since I left radio. It's been impossible for me to imagine putting that type of effort into something that BEGINS with 0 people listening and hopefully catches on. Not after tens of thousands (actually hundreds of thousands come to think of it) on a massive AM Talk radio station. Never really computed to me. Also, I love video too much now.
Then you see that there are video podcasts... starting to get it. However... still not seeing it as fun for me. I don't care about money so there's gotta be a better motivator.
Enter the last couple years of The Journey and as I mentioned in a previous entry, so much is missing because of Facebook. I need to document me a bit more on here... more than just career stuff or being a dad stuff. Big chunk missing. Add to that, the year-end video in 2015 I did with Don was wildly, wildly entertaining for me to DO, for me to EDIT, and for me to watch. The entire dynamic of Don trying to be proper and it annoying me is just funny as shit to me. I think it is to others, I hope it is to others... but the bottom line is I enjoy the challenge of editing together a video of us talking about shit within the parameters of him trying to act proper and me being frustrated by that.
Initially I was gonna just do a 30 minute, no edits dealio... but we attempted that and it just didn't work. We're not practiced enough to pull that off as a duo and this will require a lot more focus at the beginning... but - hey, good. I'd much rather produce a monthly video that stands up to repeated viewing than a ton of quantity with less quality. I can't do that weekly, but I CAN do that monthly. So monthly it is.

What was a 30 minute attempt two weeks ago is now the promo:
Man, that really works for me. I have absolutely no idea if anyone will want to watch and listen to 2 old guys talking about shit, but I really don't care. I want to document these ideas in 2018 because it feels like it's gonna be a pretty interesting year.
Alright! It's out there! Now I gotta figure out how iTunes and all that shit works. Giddy-up.