5:36 PM, Thursday, December 21st, 2017:
So here we are. I avoided it for as long as humanly possible because I have a very, very, very difficult time half-assing things. I'd rather just not do it. So the whole Christmas lights thing is just...
...such a trap. Worse? After GolfKon, it's very difficult for me to just repeat shit other people have done. I've never heard of a backyard minigolf course to the scale that is GolfKon... but Christmas lights? Sync'd to music, thousands of dollars - full out professional displays of awesomeness that people one-up and spend months if not years planning. The idea of putting that much work into something and being like every other crazy dad just bores the shit out of me. I love being a crazy dad, but I wanna be original. GolfKon is original. Proud of that. Christmas lights are expected. So my goal with lights is gonna be simple: be fucking obnoxious. Not exactly sure HOW I'm gonna be obnoxious but I'll think about it over time.
I started with the basic outline and will work my way up as the years pass. Actually did this a week ago, but knew the kids had their Christmas shows so I thought I'd incorporate 'em. Oh and as thankful as I am for Vienna's school having a show with JUST her class so we didn't sit through every grade...
...it was 2 songs and 4 minutes. I mean. Uh. We were in line for a half an hour. They're all at least 5, they can't knock out a few more songs? Even Cam's class has a longer show. Anyway - I had a bunch of work to do so I can't bitch too much. Was able to get back to it and catch the magic of Vienna picking her nose onstage the entire time. That may sound sarcastic but that shit is pretty awesome. I will be sad the day Vienna has a really good Christmas show. I want utter chaos for years.
Alright, back to work on the doc. Finally figured out how to edit it a week ago. Super stoked to put that all behind me.